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Friday, 30 August 2013

The Therapy Zone

It Is A Question Of Choice
Is the illage real or merely a dream?
    Well you pays your money and takes your choice, as they say. I suppose the village can be both, and open to any number of interpretations on various levels.
   On the surface the village is quite the holiday camp and possibly a utopia for some, I wouldn't mind a fortnights leave there! Yet for others, those who refuse to give the information inside their heads, the village is a nightmare, and possibly one mans dream, one man's nightmare world from which No.6 is finding it difficult to wake from.
   But can such a dream really be sustained for any real length of time? Is it possible for so much to be in the mind of one man? To know everything which goes on in the village, even when No.6 is nowhere in the room, such as the time of the Educational Board meeting in The General. And how could No.6 possibly know for example, the conversation between No.2 and No.9 in No.2's office in the Green Dome during 'Arrival,' he can't!
    If the Village is all in the mind, then No.6 must be mad!
   For me, the village is actual, it exists in solid form for its action and adventure, and from which there is no escape. Built by who knows, its location known, and run by which side, is also known. the village is as real in the mind as it is in substance. Because in substance we are able to watch the Prisoner being put through his trial, and afterwards it remains in the mind for as long as we don't forget, but to keep the village in mind! So really its both, and without any trace of the allegorical!

It has been asked
    Is there an airfield on the Island which houses the Village?
    Wrong on both counts, the Village is not on an Island!

    In The Schizoid Man, why does Curtis, when in the guise and persona of No.6, actually wear his Penny Farthing badge? Because it is widely known that No.6 never wears his numbered badge.
    Well perhaps it’s a case of Curtis liking the canopied Penny Farthing logo - I know I do!

   Why doesn’t the Butler wear a numbered badge?
    This could be due to his unquestioning obedience, and service to each new master who comes along. Others you will recall do not wear numbered badges, such as the Professor and Madam Professor of ‘The General,’ who have certain special privileges, and of course No.6, oh and the doctor in the hospital who gives No.6 his medical in Arrival.

If only!
    One could get a close-up look at the passport given to sir in ‘Fall Out,’ or indeed the Prisoner’s passport in Arrival, then one would see the Prisoner’s name. Well that according to the thinking of one particular fan of the Prisoner.
   Well that’s as maybe, but it doesn’t work that way. Because that passport belonged to one of the production crew, I forget his name. It wasn’t even McGoohan’s own passport!

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