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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Thereapy Zone

    In the episode ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ No.6 approaches the young woman in the kiosk in order to place an ad in the personal column of the next issue of The Tally Ho.
"Y mas mal in aldea que se suena"
"That's nine words Sir. That will be 22 units in all."
Nine words? Surely No.6 was over charged, as there are only eight words!

Checkmate - A Point Of Originality
    Originally the episode of’ Checkmate’ ended at the point when the Butler placed the white Queens pawn back on the chessboard, that there were no slamming bars at the end!

A Close Relationship
    Relationships are not really supposed to exist in the village, no names are used there. Well that's all 'they' know. Because close relationships can be built up, as indeed one was between No.6 and Nadia-No.8. And although Nadia never used No.6's Christian name, he certainly called Nadia by hers on many an occasion. So to Alison-No.24 in The Schizoid Man when he was helping Alison with her mind reading act, in readiness for the Village Festival that time.
   Yet there was one young woman with whom No.6 became close, if only for the sake of her father, No.51-Monique of Its Your Funeral. although in actual fact No.6 did not once use Monique's Christian name!
   So would you allow yourself to become close to No.6? I suppose it would all depend on what you had to offer him, and he you. After all, the only reason No.6 got close to Nadia was to gain certain information  - the location of the village. Alison wanted No.6's help with her mind reading act, and Monique, well she needed No.6's help to stop her father against himself, and from carrying out something rather stupid, the assassination of No.2!

Many Happy Returns
  It has often been thought, in the past, that when No.6 wakes up in the village during the episode of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ that the whole Village was deserted because everyone had left the village, and this being the case, why didn't the citizens leave the village in the same way during the evacuation of the village in ‘Fall Out?’
   Well that's an easy one. Simply because in ‘Many Happy Returns’ the Village had not been abandoned by it's citizens. The citizens who were actually living in the village had probably been given an extra large sleeping drug in their night cap, as in No.6's night cap of previous episodes, and allowed to sleep on. This would also be the same upon No.6's return to the Village, as to why no-one was about on that day. Anyone actually working in the Village, maintaining services and the like, were kept well out of sight during No.6's building of his raft, and escape, and likewise upon his return.
    How could you evacuate the village during ‘Many Happy Returns,’ just to bring the people back after No.6 had put to sea aboard his sea-going raft? I mean where would they go, the citizens, just to then be brought back again. To then repeat the exercise in readiness for No.6's return to the village. And don't forget, soon after his return there were citizens and a taxi in the central Piazza.

Be seeing you upon my many happy returns.

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