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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

“What’s that Number Six doing? He’s always walking - irritating man!"
                                                                 {No.2 of A B & C}

    Well to be perfectly honest I can think of a much more irritating man, that of the heir presumptive-No.2 of Its Your Funeral. This in the irritating way he keeps putting on, and taking of those black rimmed spectacles of his every few moments. There’s possibly little else in the Prisoner to beat this irritation!

    Life in the village isn’t too bad, especially if you give them what they want before they take it! But at night it’s a different kettle of fish. That’s when they come for you, when you’re asleep.
  Well your guards down then isn’t it, and they know it. That’s why they come for you in the night, after you’ve had your night cap of drugged hot chocolate. And then to make matters worse, if your sleep isn’t deep enough, they use a pulsator in the light above your bed!
   You can always pour your night cap down the sink, and try to stay awake all night. But how long can you keep that up? How long can you remain awake, until you finally fall asleep, and they finally come and get you in the night when your guard’s down, and at your most vulnerable!

What’s That Number 6 Up To?
   Well quite obviously he’s checking his wrists! Well why shouldn’t he, if he’s like Stephen Ezard! Stephen Ezard of the television series ‘The Last Enemy,’ who had had something implanted under the skin of his right arm. A chip no bigger that a grain of rice, which cannot be removed. not only contains everything about him, but is also acts as a tag so that "they" know exactly where he is at any given time of day.
   So if I were No.6, I’d to keep checking my wrist.   Oops, too late!

Tales From The Camera Obscura
   You know, it's strange being here in the Camera Obscura knowing that we can observe without ourselves being the observed. "Spying....." No I wouldn't call it spying. Well yes it is, but then if you've nothing to hide it doesn't matter does it? And we do see something’s from here you know. Take that No.6 and the Rook-No.53 in Checkmate. Off they went, after No.6 had stolen that taxi from the rank, which was reported, but was let ride. Stole a telephone they did, and to boldly go and remove a surveillance camera from its mounting right from under the Supervisors eye so to speak. Then a screwdriver and electrical components from the trailer of the electrics truck parked at the crossroads. And later No.6 broke an aerial from off one of the taxis! I ask you, how on Earth can this be done completely unobserved?
   {Well you tell us No.240. You're supposed to be the Villages best observer!}

Be seeing you

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