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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

Information And Observations
    I was wondering just the other day, how come the Lotus Elan was the car driven by Mr. X in ‘The Girl Was Death,’ when Patick McGoohan had originally rejected the car in favour of the Lotus 7?
    If London was to lie in ruins, how come it would be possible for the girl to have Bond Street, the Scottish Marshall to have Wembly football stadium, and the Marshalls together to have Chelsea barracks? With a Neutron bomb that would be possible, but not with an ordinary warhead. But then I suppose we are talking about a fairy tale... aren’t we?
    The Mini-Moke was originally designed for the army in 1964, but failed as an all terrain vehicle. Its best performance is on tarmac or any hard surface, just like the original mechanical Rover in fact!
    The scene from the Bell Ten helicopter seen in the episode The Girl Who Was Death is of a cliff and beach area of the village-Portmeirion.
    Strange how it is the students who chase down the Professor on the beach, this instead of the two prefects who come across No.6 playing truant on the beach in The General.
    It took four security guards to carry the struggling No.6 out of his cottage, across the square to the waiting Red-Cross trailer. But once No.6 had been placed inside the Red-Cross trailer he was lying unrestrained. Had he been drugged, or coshed into unconsciousness by one of the guards?
    Of course Killer Kaminski, the 207 pound giant, isn't Polish at all, he's Irish! Well boxers in such boxing booths at that time, such as Barney's - Boxing Booth were all ex-boxers who were well passed their prime, but who for showmanship, were given a more exotic identity for the punters benefit.
    During the fight in the Belltower when the searchlight crew were attacked by No.6 and his confederates during the evening of Checkmate. One of the searchlight crew is punched from the bell tower and lands with a splash at its base. Well this effect is simply for the viewer, as those who know Portmeirion well, there is no water anywhere near the Bellower.
    It wasn't the drink that did for No.2 in the embryo room during ‘Once Upon A Time,’ as No.6 drank from the same bottle. Unless of course No.2's glass had been laced previously. And you will recall that the steel door is "time locked" and there was only three people in the embryo room at the time, which can lead to only one conclusion, that the Butler did it!
    When the Prisoner is explaining to both the Colonel and Thorpe about the Village in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ in that the Village has its own cinema, its own television station...... well we know the sort of television programmes which are transmitted, educational ones. But what films are screened in the village cinema I wonder.... The Great Escape perhaps?
    There is irony in the Village, this when during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ No.6 and No.8-Nadia attempted to escape by sea. At the end as No.6 is returning to his cottage there is a public announcement that the local council has organised a new great competition - seascapes! That announcement just seems to rub salt into the wound - don't you think?
    The Lotus 7, now Caterham Super Seven, is seen as something of a  rebellious car in its nature. But if there is one thing that can calm such a rebellious nature it is speed humps in the road, and the winter, such a car is not one for the winter months - that's two!
   The Village is so much front, with its holiday camp atmosphere for one, and its Town council for another, supposedly elected once a year. So many brainwashed imbeciles on the town council posing as subdivided No.2's, but who have no vote nor say in council matters, with no charge or responsibility. There is no further business at this time.

    It is a singular fact that Robert Rietty performs the voice over for no less than 7 out of the 15 No.2's we hear during the episode opening sequence of ‘Free For All,’ ‘The Schizoid Man,’ ‘Many Happy Returns,’ ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ ‘A Change of Mind’ and ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ This is a pity really, as it would have been good to hear the voice of each individual No.2 during the dialogue of the opening sequence. The reason behind the use of Robert Rietty's voice over was possibly down to saving production time.

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