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Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Butler Stands Poles
     From his lofty vantage point, the diminutive Butler looks down at the central Piazza below. The citizens parade around as though without a care in the world. All dressed in their brightly coloured clothes, and open umbrellas held aloft, although there’s not a drop of rain to be had, like so many parasols in the sun.
   The Brass Band plays from two village taxis as they are driven around the Piazza. A man pushes his Penny Farthing, and another rides his tricycle, and frogmen wear their wet suits!
   It’s cardinal time you see, and everyone should be happy "by order!" Yet why our diminutive friend the Butler should take a keen observant eye on proceedings is a little beyond me at present. He doesn’t say much, and wears his cape inside out, and because there’s a danger of getting into fractions, he doesn’t wear a Penny Farthing badge, and like No.6, is not forced to wear it.
   But here in the afternoon sunshine what better place could there be, than to be here in the village? An idyllic atmosphere, which presents itself like a holiday camp set somewhere on the coast. But instead of red coats, there are different coloured piped  blazers worn by both staff and citizens alike. Yet although the Brass Band plays, and the people cheer and wave their little flags, all dressed in fancy dress costumes for Carnival. Yet the expressions upon the faces of the citizens gives sign to the chilling and dangerous underlying current which flows through the heart of the village.
   Certain people here go about peacefully only because of the Leucotomies carried out upon then, their aggressive tendencies swept aside, to that they can live in docile bliss. Instant Social Conversion they call it. But call it what you may, a Leucotomy is a Leucotomy in anyone’s language.
  It is my intention to bring a series of articles which will strip away the falsehoods of the village to it’s very foundations, and reveal it for what it is for many who reside here - Hell on earth!

Hi-De- Hi Campers!
   This is an exposes on the falsehoods of the village, about what exactly lies behind the holiday camp atmosphere, where citizens lie about the beach sunning themselves, or building sandcastles, playing beach ball, dressed in bathing suits and bikini’s, citizens enjoying themselves!
   whilst other citizens such as the Rook-No.53 during ‘Checkmate,’ is at the hospital undergoing a medical experiment at the hands of the doctor-No22, pictured here.  As for the Rook-No.53, well he’s being used in an experiment based on Pavlov’s experiments with dogs, yes it was dogs and not rats as suggested by No.2.
  Dehydrated, No.53 is taken into a room where there are a number of water dispensers of different colours. The Blue dispenser is wired up to an electrical supply, and when No.53 touches the tap he gets an electric shock! The other three water dispensers are of course empty. A disembodied voice tells No.53 that he’ll get water when he obeys! Then tells him to go to the blue dispenser, but is nervous to touch the tap. When he does No.53 finds that the current of electricity has been turned off, and via the tap and his plastic cup, begins to satisfy his thirst.
   But there is yet more to come, as No.8, in some hypnotic trance, is wheeled into the examination room by a nurse. No.8 pictured here on the chessboard as the white Queen. No.8 who is under hypnosis and believing that she is in love with No.6 and he with her. Also in a locket which No.8 believes is a present from No.6, because the locket contains a picture of No.6, but also a reaction transmitter. This transmits No.8’s emotions back to the control room, and when they have a whole range of No.8’s emotions - fear, happiness, dread, apprehension, joy, so on and so forth, which will then fed into the alarm system. If No.8 has any apprehension, or fear that she is going to lose No.6, if he plans to escape for example. Then  No.8’s emotions will send an alarm back to control. Out of the two medical experiments, this second one is perhaps the most unfeeling, just like the doctor performing the experiments!

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