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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

A simple Equation
A Change of Mind + Unmutuals = The American Communist Witch-hunt of the 1950's + the way in which Americans were called to denounce their neighbour whom they suspected as being a communist = The denouncement of No.2 by No.86!

The Prisoner
   Is simply a question of interpretation, and no two interpretations will be the same. but as I have found, if you use a reasonable amount of reasoned logic, you will get closer to the truth of the matter, than those who see so called "hidden meanings" who then go off at a tangent reading things into the Prisoner that are simply not there, and were never meant to be there in the first place!

A Vicious Circle
    In the Prisoner's end, is its beginning. The only question is, how does one break a vicious circle? I suppose it all depends on just how much you remember from the last time you experienced the events of such a vicious circle. I mean perhaps the next time round No.6 might not go running back to his ex-colleagues having escaped the village in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ Or even though No.6 might be uncomfortable as the Colonel, his body not to the Prisoner's liking, he could simply walk away having been taken from the village, to wake up back in his home in London during ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ The Prisoner could play the game, but when on the European Continent, the Prisoner could elude Potter, who was following him, and simply disappear!

The Watchmaker
   I can understand why some people were brought to the village, but why the little Watchmaker? Perhaps he came to the village of his own free-will, if so, the Village and its community must have come as a shock to him and his wife. I say wife, because there has to have been a wife at some point. Other wise are we to assume that his daughter Monique came with her father to the village, again of her own free-will?
   As for the Watchmakers wife, and mother to Monique, she must have died in the village, meaning that Monique was actually born in the village, whether of not the Watchmakers wife came to the village with him, or they met here in the Village.

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