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Monday, 21 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

   If Monique-No.50, the watchmakers daughter in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ was as  I suspect, born in the village. Then all human feeling is not lost in the Village, as the Watchmaker-No.51 and his wife, secretly named his daughter Monique. Well as we know, no names are used in the village!

Something of a curiosity
   In the episode of I’t’s Your Funeral,’ we have the watchmaker-No.51, and his daughter Monique-No.50. But 50 comes before 51, so how did they arrive at such numbers?
   The answer lies in the availability of numbers at the time. Yet it would seem that someone deep in the administration of the village, took himself or herself to give Monique the number 50. So with her father being No.51, it made their numbers as relative as father and daughter!  Well its a nice theory anyway.

   If No.1 is supposed to be the alter-ego of No.6, the darker side to his nature, then I should think that No.1 knew the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation long before he was brought to the village. But having brought the Prisoner-No.6 to the Village, perhaps for darker motivations, so as to break his alter-ego in No.6. So as to stop his resigning from the village in the first place.

Fall Out
    In the eyes of the villages society, No.6 represents the ultimate threat, the lone individual who seeks the destruction of their society, of their way of life. "Society is at stake and we have the means to protect it!" states the President "we draw your attention to the regrettable bullet....." Two men sit at either end of the steel seesaw device previously seen in the control room. But here instead of a pair of monitors, a pair of Lewis machine guns have been fitted. Such is the seriousness of the democratic crisis which the village administration finds itself in.
   Democratic crisis? Where in the village is there any democracy, so what crisis? The trouble with Fall Out is, it stands too much alone, it doesn't fit in with the previous 16 episodes. Perhaps because it was written by Patrick McGoohan who was under pressure to find an ending to the series. However you define ‘Fall Out,’ one thing is certain, you cannot define the episode by what has preceded it. You will find no clue to ‘Fall Out’ throughout any of the previous episodes, and the only remark made to them is that fact that No.6 has survived the ultimate test of Once Upon A Time. which was originally supposed to be simply another episode, as it's 15 compatriots, and not one which led to the ultimate conclusion of ‘the Prisoner.’

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