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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

   The Butler knew full well what was about to happen in the embryo room that time during ‘Once Upon A Time,’ in fact the Butler was the first person in the room, ready and waiting. My thought is, just how many times previous has the Butler himself undergone Degree Absolute?

The Prisoner Versus The General
   WHY?   To which the General self destructs, a bit over the top I have to admit, as no computer would self-destruct in the way the General did. Asked a question the General cannot answer, not having been programmed with the basic facts, the computer would simply not respond at all. Or on the other hand things like "does not compute" or "why not?" would have been something of an anti-climax to the episode.
  Also was the General supposed to have been "Man versus machine?" fans of the Prisoner have gone to great pains to try and put an answer to the question WHY? To date no-one has successfully done so, and that includes me, but then I never did spend too much time on imponderables!

    Just the other day I encountered two fellow fans of the Prisoner, one asked me if I'd have liked to have met Patrick McGoohan?  I didn't have to think twice "No" I said "No I wouldn't."

    Each original, or now Mathmos Astro, or Lava lamps if you prefer, do not behave the same. Each one is as individualistic as you and I.

Someone Once Wrote Of Me
   "You're such a party pooper {spoiler}, we wouldn't have much of a show if No.6's plans were always foiled - now would we? Just enjoy it - quit analysing it!"
   Well if I had taken that advice I wouldn't have discovered any of the fresh discoveries I have about the Prisoner, discoveries made during my four and a half year in-depth study {and more recently} of the Prisoner series and related material, which have never before been documented, let alone discussed by fans in all the annals of ‘the Prisoner’ appreciation.

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