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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

Many Happy Returns
   In this episode No.6 may have "returned", and the occasion may have been "happy", yet to me there seems something sinister in the use of the word "many" in the title of this episode.
    There's an old saying "Curiosity killed the cat", in this there might be a message for No.6. Consider that black cat for a moment, its sat there upon the table as No.6 puts out to sea aboard his sea-going raft, and the black cat is still sat there as No.6 parachutes to the beach below. Perhaps No.6 should have left well alone. He should have settled for being back in London, with the "freedom of the City". Curiosity No.6, killed the cat!

Hero Or Anti Hero?
    Cathy in ‘Living In Harmony’ is but one female to bring out the good in No.6 - although in the end his relationship with Cathy only serves to get her strangled to death at the hands of the Kid, who is insanely jealous. It would seem that to have No.6 as a friend can be a dangerous thing!

   During the episode of ‘Free For All’ it is actually No.2 who fly's the helicopter - Once during the pursuit of No.6 aboard the jet boat as he attempts to escape. And the second time is when No.2 is actually leaving the village. And thinking about it, in ‘Arrival’ when the Prisoner is given an aerial tour of the Village by No.2, it is the Butler who is at the controls of the helicopter! So my thought is, where's the helicopter pilot during all this?

When did Doctor Jacob Seltzman of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ train as a Barber? Or was Seltzman a Barber before he became a doctor?

How I Remained A Prisoner Between 1968 - 1976
   With great difficulty! After all back in 1968 after the Prisoner had ended it's television screening, all I had left were the memories which stayed with me, especially the theme music. And I had absolutely no idea when, or even if I would ever see ‘the Prisoner’ again. And as it happened it wasn't until 1976, almost ten years later.  But somehow ‘the Prisoner’ had made such an impact upon me, that by hook or by crook, the Prisoner remained in my mind, perhaps by subliminal  means, who can say.

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