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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

Doctor Jacob Seltzman
How do we know that this is the true face of Doctor Jacob Setlzman? Because we have to accept what we are told, what we see on the television screen. And yet, he may very well have first tested his machine out on himself with some unsuspecting victim patient some years pervious. Which in turn leads to the questions of when and where?

It Was A Shock!
Well it must have been, for No.2 to find out that he was C! No.6 really did play No.2 for a fool. But then that's what you get when you become over confident. He underestimated No.6, and at the end I think the doctor-No.14 was mildly pleased by the result. After all No.2 had been placed under pressure by No.1, and No.2 transferred that pressure to No.14. We all do that, we kick down when the pressure is on.
  Originally when I saw this episode, I thought we would never see this particular No.2 again. However No.1 must have seen that the failure of ‘A B and C’ was not all his, and so was brought back for a second chance in ‘The General,’ a second chance which was not directly linked to No.6. No.2 having become involved with No.6 because of No.6 poking his nose it where it wasn't wanted!
   As for the doctor-No.14, we never see here again. Perhaps she was confined to  hospital work only, or worse. Because when we encounter No.14 next, he's the chess champion in the episode of ‘Checkmate.’

"A still tongue make a happy life" especially those married to a 'fish wife!'

Playing The Role
    It was once written that it could never be imagined that anyone other than Patrick McGoohan could play the role of Number 6. Well they will have to get used to the idea, as there's soon to be a new SIX, and a new village to boot!
   But don't worry, 6 is but a number and I'm quite sure that Patrick McGoohan was not the first NUMBER SIX, indeed the character of NUMBER SIX can be traced all the way back to 1927.

Be seeing you Number Six - whoever you are, wherever you are.

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