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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Village Life!

No.14 “The only way to manipulate his dreams is to get into them.”
   No.2 “Is that possible?”
   “I was wondering.”
   “I could put words into her mouth.”
   “Go on, how?”
   “We feed him with pictures, why can't we feed him with sound?”
   “But the voice, would he hear yours…or hers?”
   “That’s the danger, if he hears my voice, and recognises it, the shock will wake him, he’ll see everything, we’ll have failed.”
   “Where is your scientific enthusiasm? We’re pioneers. You know what we have here don’t you……”
   “No, what?”
   “In years to come they’ll be calling this Inception. Then afterwards perhaps you can give me something for my stomach ulcer!


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