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Monday, 21 October 2013

What Are Facts Behind Town Hall? our own reporter Investigates

    "Look Colonel, never mind what the facts behind the Town Hall are all about. I know the editor of The Tally Ho, he's dangerous, a subversive! He twists and manipulates one situation into something else."
   "Like he's doing now you mean?"
   "Precisely correct Colonel. See he's even got someone to sign this latest issue of the newspaper!"
   "But I didn't sign this!"
   "Precisely Colonel."
   "Who is this Donald Sinden chap?"
   "An actor I believe, and one of some repute."
   "Well how did he get to sign this... newspaper?"
   "He didn't. It's the blasted editor of The Tally Ho."
   "Does he do this sort of thing very often?"
   "He's done it to me more time than I like to recall."
   "And he lives in this village?"
    This is part of the conversation between the Prisoner and the Colonel which No.113b and myself were able to surreptitiously record without their knowing. It seems that our beloved editor might have bitten off more than he can chew this time around. The Prisoner has not only set the Colonel on the trail of the village, but also that of the editor of The Tally Ho!
    So in defence of the editor No.113b and myself burst into the Colonels study in order to get an interview. Which both the Colonel and the Prisoner declined to do. Also in attendance was someone called Thorpe, a rather sceptical man who could not believe that one man could manipulate any given situation to his liking.
    The Colonel wanted to know who we were and what we were doing there? Of course like all good journalists we got drinking with the trio, I was on whisky, and No.113b was on the good old G&T, and were offered cigarettes and given the chance to explain ourselves, and did we know anything about the village?
   I explained that I contributed to The tally Ho, and that the man with me was my photographic colleague. And that is all we gave away. Because before we knew it, there was a sudden smell of gas, and then I woke up here in the newsdesk of The Tally Ho!
   I wanted to go home to wash and change, but for some reason the village was in "Lock-down," no-one was to be allowed to go outside, not for another three hours. Why, well that's another story for investigation!

Your own reporter

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