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Monday, 26 May 2014

No.1 Buckingham Place

   I cannot imagine what it must have been like for the Prisoner to be rattling around a great big house like No.1 Buckingham Place. I don't even understand why a single man like him would want with such a large house, when I should have thought a smaller house in a Chelsea mews would have been more suited to him, as it was for John Drake in 'Danger Man.' It's not as though the Prisoner had any servants, not even a personal valet, well not that we see. At least when Mrs Butterworth lived there she at least had a house maid. I couldn't see the Prisoner spending his day off cleaning the house.
   I have often wondered why No.1 Buckingham Place was chosen for the Prisoner's residence, I suppose that that is one question which for me, will have to remain unanswered!

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  1. Can we be sure that No. 6 owned or: rented the whole house? What were his words about the lease, for house, the appartment? And perhaps we was cost conscious and had a house maid only a periodical term, twice a week or so. - BCNU!

    1. Add. Discussed with Jana. Most likely No. 6 would have leased the entire house, not rented it, the way I understood it. It's a different thing. Perhaps there was something he intended to do with it because it's so big. Establish his own "agency" of - business detectives, spies and maybe that's why he quit... Oh no, go away! - BCNU!

    2. Hello Arno,
      Yes I think we can be sure that the Prisoner leased the building as a house, as the President actually told the former No.6 that "You will see that your home is being made ready," pictured on the wall screen, a house that had been put up for sale.
      Ah! I had not thought about the Prisoner having what we here in Briatin used to call a "daily" to come in and clean for him, good point.
      Perhaps it was his fiancees idea of living there. I can imagine Janet Portland wanting a large house, then there would be the need for a servant or two, if only a housemaid. I don't see Janet Portland being the domestic type!

      Very kind regards

  2. Perhaps a matter of understanding: if No. 6 had leased the house why then and how could the Village offer it for sale (seeing the sign removed), if it wasn't his property? - BCNU!