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Sunday, 6 July 2014

At A Crossroads

    The signal stopped! It was thought that the ship had come. Number 6 wasn't to sure, he told his men to wait, that it was too soon. It could be trouble, he'd go and check. Number 6 found the raft abandoned on the shore. He saw the vessel's light, he heard the vessel's horn as the crew of M. S. Polotska searched for survivors of Trans ocean flight D for Delta two five o zero. Number 6 then had a choice to make. To return to the Green Dome, or to take the raft out to sea in order to bring the vessel in-shore. Thinking about it, Number 6 would have probably been too late to stop the Rook from convincing the others that he is a Guardian, and from releasing Number 2 from his bonds. So Number 6 took the raft to sea in order to meet M. S. Polotska. But what if the vessel had not been that of The Village? Would Number 6 have been able to persuade the Captain to set course for The Village? Well that would have been easy, they were not so very far from The Village. But would Number 6 have taken that chance when there was the possibility of recapture? Its difficult to say, the situation was a difficult one, Number 6 couldn't go back to The Village by boat, the tide was out! That would have meant either a long wait for the tide to turn, or a long trudge back to The Village and eventual recapture. What's more if Number 6 had taken the crew of the vessel to The Village, it wouldn't just have been Number 6 who would have been recaptured. It would have meant imprisonment for the ship's crew, and the ship itself would have been impounded! It was a valiant plan Number 6, and worth a try.
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