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Friday, 4 July 2014

I'd Like A Word With You!

    Well the one has a strange sort of roar. At times something between the sound of a bicycle pump and Gregorian chant! It’s a genetically engineered membrane, rolls and bounds about. Can go up steps, along tarmac, sand, on or below the sea, and comes in a variety of sizes! Oh and can suffocate you to unconsciousness or death.
   The other form of Guardian is a little more difficult to distinguish from the rest of the inmates in The Village. One of the best ways is to try this line with one of the gardeners;
    "I'd like a word with you."
    "Then you'll have to wait!"
    "Alright, forget it........ Guardian!”
    "Did you paint this?"
    "Yes sir. If it's not right"
 "I'll paint it again!”
 This painter is not a guardian!
    See the difference? The latter guardian is a surly bloke, but not of the suffocating variety, though not of a type to be trusted. He watches the good citizens and reports back any unsocial activity. Any sort of unruly gathering, or should someone attempt to escape.
    The former Guardian is of the more deadly kind. This 'thing' will finish you given half a chance. There is no way around it. You can't fight it as 'Rover' offers no resistance. You can't out run nor out swim it. It doesn't eat, drink or consume anything of any kind, yet it is alive and is somehow able to sustain itself. Perhaps it is able to absorb plankton at the bottom of the sea. Having said that, originally there was the idea that The Village Guardian’s white membrane would be seen to turn red, or take on a pinkish hue, having absorbed the blood of it’s victims!

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