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Monday, 7 July 2014

Quote For The Day

  "Oh, once we get started, even I won't be able to tell you apart, you'll need a password to identify yourself. The password is Gemini."
                            {Number 2 - The Schizoid Man.}

   Well that would have been true enough had they kept to the original idea of having both Number 6's wearing identical dark blazers. As it is it's easy enough to tell who is who, which Number 6 is the original, and who the economy pack. But that doesn't account for the Guardians not recognising Gemini as being the password. Perhaps they had not been briefed on the password by Number 2. Maybe they recognised Number 6 by him having given the wrong password. But why the need to ask for the password in the first place? It seems likely that in Number 2 giving Number 6 the password Gemini, and the two Guardians having asked Number 6 for the password, are two scenes which stem from the original idea of the two 6's wearing the same dark blazer. Because as it is, it's perfectly simple to identify Number 6!

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  1. Or else, No. 2 anticipated something unexpected, between the two, could happen, No. 6 (the real one) might take the identiy of his impersonator. So, he was conscious to take measures of precautions. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes indeed, that is always a possibility. Number 2 wouldn't want to be caught out would he? In fact because of your comment the little grey cells whirred into action, and inspired a further idea for a piece of blog on this subject, but that's for tomorrow.

      Very best regards