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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Thought For The Day

    The Prisoner and Number 12 planned to get the Professor's lecture transmitted to the citizens, by replacing it for the official lecture. The liberty to make mistakes, old fashioned slogans to Number 2. Had the projectionist not stabbed Number 6 in the arm {poor old chap} then perhaps the transmission of the Professor's lecture would have been successful. But what effect might that have had on the students? Would one simple lecture reverse all the previous brainwashing of the former lectures? That would be like Number 6 using a short circuiting table lamp to reverse all the electrical conditioning that made him left-handed. But of course we do not know the whole of the contents of the Professor's lecture, so perhaps the effect of speedlearn would be reversed. The Professor's message on the tape recorder was to destroy the General, that the General must be destroyed! I'm not sure that the students would have smashed the General as the Luddites who smashed the stocking frames, spinning frames, and power looms brought about by the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century textile business in England. After all the students didn't know where the General was. But of course Number 6 managed to do that single-handedly anyway! And in that case education for the students in The Village would simply have come to an end, perhaps the Professor's lecture which Number 6 was trying to transmit, might have had the same effect. On the other hand, it could have caused the students to protested for a proper all round education.

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