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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bureau of Visual Records

    The Prisoner may in a different guise, that of the Colonel. But no matter what, when the Prisoner gets angry, loses his temper, there's always an upset cup and saucer. Obviously Danvers isn't important enough for biscuits seeing as there's no tea plate!
   I would imagine that if George Markstien had not left the production of 'the Prisoner,' he might have revived his role as the bureaucrat sat behind that desk, as he did for 'Many Happy Returns.' At least I like to think so. But whether or not Nigel Stock would have taken George Markstein by the lapels of his jacket as he did with Patrick Jordan, we'll never know. If not, the scene with the Prisoner demanding to see Sir Charles Portland may have been filmed slightly differently, but including the upset cup and saucer!

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