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Friday, 5 September 2014

Teabreak Teaser

    Having resigned his job, the Prisoner returned home, collected his passport, airline ticket, two travel brochures, along with two suitcases. So where was he going in such a hurry?



  1. No.6 was on his way to a holiday he'd booked to a place recommended by a friend: Portmeirion! He was flying part of the way, hence the plane tickets. (Maybe meeting someone at the airport on the way). Why the passport if he was only going to Wales? For identification purposes!

    Be seeing you

  2. The footage was actually shot by accident showing not "No. 6" but PMcG leaving to do preparations for a sequel series at - Swakopmund. Hence the palm trees. And they thought 'oh well, let's keept. Why reshoot it all together?'. However, production was later postponed until, as we all know, around 2008. Too late for the star. - BCNU!

  3. Hello ZM72 and Arno,
    Oh I like and enjoyed your comments very much, at the same time laughing out very loudly. Both show great imagination. I particulalrly like the idea of it being Patrick McGoohan rushing off to do preperations for a sequal, but that it was later postponed until 2009. Poor old chap!

    Very kind regards
    to you both