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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Quote For The Day

    "Stop......get that man back to the hospital."
                                     {Number 2 - Dance of the Dead}

    The Supervisor asked the doctor if he shouldn't be carrying out his medical experiment in the hospital. Well perhaps not quite in those words, but the meaning is the same. The doctor-Number 40 used Dutton as a communications medium, in an attempt to extract information from Number 6, the files he's seen, the projects he's heard of, heading not details. Meanwhile Number 6 is in his bed in his cottage attended by a doctor, no doubt having been forced fed drugs, with a strap around his head with electrodes attached. While Dutton is sitting in a wheelchair attended by a nurse, in the Control Room. Why? There seems to be no good reason as to why the experiment could not have been conducted in the hospital, seeing as Number 6 and Dutton are speaking on the telephone. But "seeing" I suppose is the clue, that the doctor had to see the other half of the experiment, perhaps there being no screen in the hospital.

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