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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Therapy Zone

    Arrival. In the conversation between the new Number 2 and the Prisoner he says "We do here what has to be done. It's the law of survival. It's either them or us." Imprison people, steal their minds, destroy them! "Depends on whose side you're on, doesn't it?" To which the Prisoner replies "I'm on our side." It seems that the Prisoner is outraged to think that his side is capable of doing what it does. But what do they do? They certainly like to know everything, both the Prisoner’s date of birth and his reason for his resignation were missing from his file, Number 2 wanted it brought up to date. It would appear that The Village has been created solely for the gathering of information, as suggested in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ Sending out agents with someone else’s mind in his head, so that he can infiltrate the security of any nation, simply in order to gather information. It’s not just the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation that they want - but all the information inside his head! Commencing with the files he’s seen, the projects he’s heard of, headings not details, well to begin with!
    However if The Village is run by those the Prisoner used to work for, surely they would know almost all the information Number 6 is in possession of, the files he’s seen, the projects he’s heard of, so there would be no need to extract any such information. But then what about Professor Seltzman, Number 6 was the only person who knew where he was, or had the information to find Seltzman. Perhaps there was other such information which needed to be extracted.
     On the other hand the Prisoner may very well have been put in The Village for the protection of National security, to be thoroughly debriefed at their leisure! And it might have worked, had they offered him something in return. Oh but of course they did, or at least Number 2 did. It was during the aerial tour of The Village when No.2 suggested to the Prisoner "You might even be given a position of authority." Well we know what happened then, Number 6 attempted to organise a mass breakout. And again in ‘Fall Out,’ there was to have been the transfer of ultimate power, which was rejected and chaos ensued soon after. But really, was there to have been a transfer of ultimate power? After all Number 1 showed his counterpart his future in the crystal ball….as a PRISONER!

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