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Monday, 3 November 2014

Thought For The Day

    Instant Social Conversion!  At the end of ‘A Change of Mind’ I could imagine that the angry mob manhandled Number 2 out of the Green Dome and to the hospital. And I like to think that Number 86 in her hypnotised state of mind, carried out the operation of Instant Social Conversion on Number 2. But on the other hand perhaps the other doctors wouldn’t agree to it, seeing who the patient is. However what had Number 1 to lose if the operation had been carried out on this failed Number 2? Nothing as far as I could see, seeing as by the previous episode a plan had been hatched to execute a Number 2!
   And yet that is all supposition, because in all probability the pursuing mob wouldn’t have got inside the Green Dome, and Number 2 would have been safe and secure in his office. Which means there is the probability the angry mob who pursued Number 2 all the way to the Green Dome, and couldn’t get in, sooner or later would have lost interest. I can imagine that eventually they would simply disperse, and wander off. This in the same way the mob, having chased the Prisoner through the corridors of the Town Hall in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ having failed in laying hands on their quarry lost interest, that they simply dissipated, and were led away by little Bo Peep!

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