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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    The Village does not suit all people, even though they may have gone there of their own free will. Number 8, what’s going through her mind at this moment? She knows she must seem to be attempting to swim away from The Village as she stages an escape. But there must be some nervousness, some apprehension, because she knows what will be out there waiting for her in the sea. Even if Nadia was unaware of the actual logistics, she knew she would be stopped in some shape or form. Otherwise she would just have to swim on and on. But in the end she plucks up her courage and takes to the water, closely watched by Number 6.
   While Number 8 puts herself in harms way, others lounge about sunbathing on the beach apparently without a care in the world. Perhaps they haven’t. Perhaps they are happy working in The Village. Certainly Village seems best for them!


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