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Friday, 9 January 2015


   He is perhaps the most hands-on Number 2 when concerned with Number 6. This Number 2 is a statesman style of figure. He knows that Number 1 may no longer be a mystery to Number 6, if he sees what he means, and if he's elected in the first place!
    He guides Number 6 through all the stages of the election. Overseeing at all times that the tissue is not damaged, because he knows just how far he is allowed to go with Number 6! He is cunning, has guile, and encourages Number 6 to stand for election against him, and it takes little encouragement to persuade Number 6. What's more it is known exactly what Number 6 will do should he be elected. So it is seen that he is.
   Number 2 can also fly a helicopter, and take charge when Number 6 attempts to escape by jet boat. He gives chase in the helicopter, and tries to persuade Number 6 to turn back before it's too late. Of course Number 6 doesn't listen, and it is Number 2 who is forced to go back to The Village, after initiating a southern perimeter alert. Yet later, Number 2 flies himself out of The Village, now that his term of office is at an end, and is in all probability the only Number 2 to do so. Thus proving that he does in fact leave The Village, and isn't simply retired to the Old People's Home!
    This No.2 is also something of an individual, and shows his individualistic tendencies by wearing a jacket of his own choosing. Not one of the usual single or double breasted blazers as worn by both his predecessors, or successors.
    Once, in the Therapy Zone, Number 2 plays the role of an alcoholic, and at one point he gives the toast 'To hell with The Village!' I've never been sure if he was expressing a true feeling towards The Village or not. After all there is no surveillance in the Therapy Zone, and only two people would have witnessed the toast, which later Number 2 could have denied, having been under the influence of alcohol - well perhaps not!
   I suppose there are a couple of questions still outstanding concerning this Number2. One would be, how is it that Number 2 arrives almost instantly after the telephone call from the Control Room? And secondly, as Number 6 is about to embark on his latest escape attempt, by jet boat, why is it that Number 2 is already flying the helicopter before giving chase to Number 6?

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  1. "why is it that Number 2 is already flying the helicopter before giving chase to Number 6?" - He anticipated No. 6's move. The Village must always be ahead of their inmates' intentions. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      That's very good, nicely thought out. And in that case with Number 2 always being one-step ahead of Number 6, then he can never win!

      Very best regards