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Friday, 16 January 2015

The Therapy Zone

    If you’re Curtis, and I’m me, who is Number 1? Well everyman and woman naturally. Can we all be Number 1, is that really possible? Perhaps it is. After all we each of us carry around in our heads our own particular Village, and we each put different people in there, in our subconscious. In fact anyone of us could exist in any number of Villages within the subconscious mind of people we know, and even those we do not know. Remember what the President said to the former Number 6, “Remember us, don’t forget us, keep us in mind.” And for myself, and many other enthusiasts of ‘the Prisoner’ that is just what we have done. Perhaps that’s what Patrick McGoohan wanted. After all ‘the Prisoner’ is a powerful tool. Not at its time had such a powerful opening sequence for a television series been known. It captivated many, many minds, a good many of them were children. Imaginative minds you might think, or minds open to persuasiveness. Young minds corrupted by persuasiveness, what would be the point in that? Certainly ‘the Prisoner’ series leaves itself open to enquiring minds. We want to know all about it, and in a way we are like Number 6, we never rest until we have the answers. Certainly in that regard we know a damn sight more about the Village than Number 6 ever did. And yet there are questions that still persist, even today. And there are questions which will never be answered. That would never have been satisfactory for Number 6, and so perhaps not to the enthusiast of ‘the Prisoner.’ And because we discuss, debate, surmise, we suppose and interpret, and in a way we shape ‘the Prisoner’ to what we suspect it, or want it to be. But after all that, are we right? Who is there to tell us if we are right in all our deliberations or not? And perhaps there lies the crux of the matter, no-one. Oh they can disagree with your viewpoint, but they cannot tell you that you are wrong. Yet as with the other side of the coin, neither can they say you are right, only agree with you. Patrick McGoohan once said that one thousand people can each have different ideas about ‘the Prisoner,’ and everyone of them can be right. Indeed so, I would agree with that. But they can all be wrong! But hell, what does it matter? ‘The Prisoner’ is to you and me whatever we want it to mean to us, each and everyone of us. Now I think I’ll sit here and have a double, without water. Oh, the Brewer appears to have gone and taken his still with him!

Be seeing you

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