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Friday, 11 September 2015

The Guardian!

    I was born in a Petra dish, I have to admit that I wasn’t anything that wonderful, only the glint in a scientist’s eye, a piece of genetically engineered membrane. But I grew, I put on weight very quickly, and a new home had to be found for me. I suppose they got it into their heads that the most natural environment was in liquid, so they took me to the bottom of the sea, and left me there.
    I’m called upon every so often, and a segment of me is released and makes its way to the surface. Once there I go on patrol, either on the sea or on land. I’m used to hunt down humans who, well I’m not sure what they are doing, but I have to chase them down, and render them unconscious. I was attacked once, but attacking me is useless, as like a balloon I offer no resistance. And apparently I’m bullet proof. Well I was at sea one time and someone from the shore shot at me with a high powered rifle, it made a few holes in me, but other than that I was unharmed.
    I emit a roaring sound when I’m approaching, or first released from my confinement at the bottom of the sea. I originally made a different noise, something between a bicycle pump, a diver breathing through an aqualung, and Gregorian chant! I come in various sizes, anything from the size of a table tennis ball to 6 feet in circumference. Oh and originally once I had subdued my prey, I was supposed to absorb their blood, turning my membrane red. Mind you I do take on a pinkish hue now and again.
    I have an important role in The Village, I am security. Nothing gets passed me, and if it does, it doesn’t for very long. That Number 6 once tried to out run me on the beach one evening, shortly after curfew it was. But he soon found out that what a good pace setter I am. Left him on his knees in the sand I did. Anyway I’d best be off, there’s an underwater contact, no doubt someone trying to escape by swimming under water. Oh well it will give me a chance to hone my sonar skills. Just a minute, the contact isn’t moving away from The Village, it’s moving towards it!

Be seeing you

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