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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Mirror Cracked!

    Did ZM73 recognise the face in the mirror staring back at him? Is that why he broke the mirror with his fist, striking out against the face he saw, the Colonel’s! Well it’s always possible, as ZM73 had known a good many Colonels in his time. At least two turned out to have been working for The Village, another we’re not too sure about, and only one, Colonel Hawke-English appears to have nothing to do with The Village. Well at least not during ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ which is more that could be said of Potter!
    Although the Colonel had been sent to The Village by the highest authority, and that he’s gratified by that, there is an anxiety about him, because he doesn’t know why he’s there. His anxiety might be brought about by the fact that he has been in The Village before, perhaps as a prisoner. Perhaps he still retained some unpleasant memories, but who like Cobb was turned, persuaded to work under the umbrella of The Village, and eventually released to return to his previous life, but as a “Sleeper.” Meaning he remained inactive until The Village authorities came calling!

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