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Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Therapy Zone

    Now that shouldn’t have happened! Something has gone drastically wrong with Plan Division Q! And during that ferocious fight between Number 6 and Number 100 who was attempting to retrieve the situation, if by chance one of them had inadvertently pressed the detonator…………well it would have been adieu Number 2! In fact I would be surprised if it really mattered who was wearing that Great Seal of office should it have been detonated. After all it was packed with plastic explosive, the blast would have shattered the Great Seal, all those pieces of metal flying about, everyone would have been injured, let alone killed in the blast when the bomb went off!
    But what could have been going through the new Number 2’s mind when the official from administration placed the Great Seal of Office about his head and shoulders, apart from the obvious that is! It’s no wonder he wanted to get his speech over as quickly as possible.
   It has been asked why didn’t Number 6 take advantage of the situation and escape himself, seeing as he had the detonator in his hands? Because there was no-one Number 6 could trust to stop the new Number 2 from removing the Great Seal of office from about his shoulders, unlike the out-going Number 2, Number 6 was there to impede the new Number 2 so that the out-going Number 2 could get away.

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