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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Village Life

    Oh look, the new blue zone on the post, as brought about by the one time retiring Number 2 during ‘It‘s Your funeral.’ In fact this is the only time any form of post box is seen anywhere in The Village. But there is a postal service because of the postman in ‘Dance of the Dead’ when he makes the special delivery of Number 6’s invitation to the Carnival and dance, for which Number 6 refused to sign his number. 
      So presumably if there is a postal service, there should be a post office as well as a small local postal sorting office. After all someone had to empty that post box in order to deliver the note read out by the Supervisor-Number 26, that of the supposed birthday greeting to Number 6 from Number 113. But it wasn’t Number 6’s birthday, and even if it was, who precisely did Number 6 address that message to, and how did that message come to be in the hands of the Supervisor?
    The Supervisor isn’t my idea of a disc jockey, yet he played a daily programme of music over the public address system, or would that be Village Radio? So presumably it was the normal practise for the Supervisor to read out music requests, even to read out personal messages out over the public address system. Otherwise how would Number 6 know that if he sent in a birthday greeting to himself, but marked from Number 113, that it would be read out over the public address system? Of course there is the cheery female voice announcing the ice cream flavour of the day, along with weather forecasts, and other public information announcements. Yet they are different from personal messages. Perhaps in the process of playing a programme of early morning music, instructions were given out as to how one might have a personal message or greeting for a fellow citizen read out. If so, this is another aspect of Village life which we see, or rather in this case, hear a glimpse of.

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