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Friday, 18 September 2015

Village Life!

    The Village is sexless! Yes there are the two sexes of course there are, but there is no sexual intercourse in ‘the Prisoner,’ no-two persons ever come close to the act of making love! In fact the only time true affection is shown is during the episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ when Janet and ZM73 share a passionate kiss. And that’s only because Patrick McGoohan isn’t in the scene, much to Zena Walker’s disappointment.
    Personal relationships appear to be discouraged except in certain circumstances, such as the couple who greet the Prisoner in the Piazza on the day of his arrival in The Village. And yes there is the Professor and Madam Professor, but they are necessary, the one for the other! Older couples are seen together in The Village, but young people are never seen together as a couple. With one exception. The photograph of the couple sitting together by the pool and fountain in the Piazza in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Indeed there appears to be no teenagers in The Village. In fact on the whole, the population appears to be made up mainly of people who are either middle aged, or elderly. And yet there are three children, but there is no way of knowing whether they were conceived and born in The Village, or brought there along with their parents. Is it conceivable that those behind The Village are capable of abducting family units to The Village. And if there are children, is there a school, or do they receive private tutelage, through a Governess perhaps, as it used to be in bygone centuries?
    Is it really possible for the whole of The Village to be free of any such carnal desires? Perhaps there is more fed to the unsuspecting citizen and citizeness through either the water or their nightcap of hot chocolate, than simple sedatives to make them sleep at night!

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