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Thursday, 27 October 2016

It’s Your Funeral

    Plan Division Q needed Number 6’s help in giving the idea of an  assassination attempt on Number 2’s life verisimilitude. Well he did that well enough, but the trouble is if one wants a plan to succeed don’t involve Number 6 with it! Getting Number 6 to convince Number 2 that there’s an assassination plot against him is one thing, but then getting him to disengage from the plan is another! Number 6 was involved, he had no choice but to go on with it, right to its bitter end, no matter how the cards fell. In the end Number 6 hoped that they would find something equally suitable for Number 2 when the day came. Well if that day was to be a year away, on Appreciation Day, what of this current Number 2? Perhaps he was destined to work behind the scenes just as his predecessor had, leaving an interim Number 2 to be brought in, in order to deal with not only the day to day running of The Village, but also Number 6. But what would this new Number 2 do working behind the scenes? Perhaps he was to oversee the completion of the plans laid down for The Village by his predecessor, such as the new Concert Hall which is to be built, the mural in the library, and the electrification of the clocks!

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