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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Quote For The Day

    “You were doing so well, now you’re simply being foolish, won’t get you anywhere you know. Go back before it’s too late, go back before its too late. Southern perimeter alert, southern perimeter alert.”
                                            {Number 2 – Free For All}
    This Number 2 appears more of a statesman than an administrator or interrogator. But he’s clever, he certainly has the administrative ability to manipulate a community such as The Village. In fact he so clever, and so manipulative, that he knew that through Number 6’s own predictability that if he was offered the opportunity to stand for election as the new Number 2, Number 6 wouldn’t be able to resist such an opportunity. And it was that which gave Number 6 to him.
   A statesman perhaps, but he is a “hands on” Number 2. Before an orange alert was issued, as Number 6 was escaping towards the southern perimeter in a jet boat, it was Number 2 himself who set off in pursuit in the helicopter. It could easily have been the regular pilot to do that, but no, it was Number 2. In fact Number 2 was so sure of what Number 6 would do, he was already airborne in the helicopter. Well what other reason could there have been for Number 2 to be piloting the Allouete helicopter? Mind you, Number 2 did pilot the helicopter himself as he departed The Village. Why? And where was the regular pilot all that time?

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