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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Schizoid Man!

   Poor old Number 6, they came for him in the night, well that’s when your resistance is at its lowest ebb, especially if he’s drunk his nightcap of hot chocolate!
    He went to bed on the night of Feb 10th, and woke up on what appeared to be the morning of Feb 11th a new man, well a different man, Number 12. Like all arrivals he was invited to the Green Dome by Number 2 for breakfast. Number 2 was delighted to see him “You’re looking fine, you really are...... I don't mind telling you, we had to pull every string in order to have you seconded back to us.” “Seconded back to us?” What did Number 2 mean by that? He obviously knew Number 12 because he knew Curtis’ favourite dish, and because of that they called him flapjack Charlie, but in The Village? More likely Number 2 and Curtis knew each other long before The Village, that they worked for the same department back in British Military Intelligence which is responsible for The Village. Curtis made a top field man, while Number 2 is stuck in admin! He knew that Curtis always enjoyed his food, even before a job from the black file. Well he must have changed a bit, because instead of eating the pancakes/ flapjacks, as he did during his conditioning which Number 6 underwent, he just picks at one and nibbles it! Also it appears Number 2 and Curtis have been through some scrapes together. What, danger lies behind every filing cabinet in administration does it? Curtis {Number 6} is edgy, Number 2 has never known him to be so strung up. And of course the final piece of evidence to confirm Number 2’s friendship with Curtis, he had known Curtis’ wife Susan.
   So I don’t visualize Curtis having been in The Village before, well they couldn’t have two people looking like Number 6 at large could they? Mind you, had Number 6 really died that night, smothered to death by the Guardian, Number 2 could have had Curtis carry on his impersonation of Number 6, by returning him to the outside World! Where that might have got them I’ve absolutely no idea, but the thought just struck me that’s all. Just like the thought that had it been Number 6 who had died that night, to cover up Number 2’s error, he would have got Curtis to carry on his impersonation of Number 6, but as a prisoner in The Village! As Curtis might have thought that his only way out of The Village would be to try and escape by impersonating Number 6 as Number 6 would have impersonated him!

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