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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

He’s Got A Nerve!

   It’s surprising that when the agent {in the guise of a chauffeur} used his gun in such a confined space as the basement of the Barber’s shop, he wasn’t susceptible to the nerve gas himself. He wore no gas mask, but perhaps he had been inoculated with an antidote before hand.
    However never mind that for now. What about poor old Potter? No I don't mean the one put out in the cold working as a shoeshine boy. But Potter who had been shadowing the Colonel/Prisoner so closely all the way to Kandersfeld in
Austria, only to be nerve gassed in the basement of the Barber's shop by the Chauffeur. Well I’ve always thought of this chap as being undercover as a Chauffeur, but come to think of it now, he doesn’t looked dressed to be a Chauffeur. My wife suggested that he looks like someone who works as a tour coach driver! One thing is………he’s still wearing his white shirt and black tie of an undertaker. Or perhaps that should be when he was masquerading as a waiter, who we see carrying a tray of glasses filled with champagne at Janet Portland’s birthday party!
    I've often wondered what happened to that Potter. Might he have been taken to The Village along with the Colonel/Prisoner, and Doctor Seltzman who himself was probably paralyzed in the barber's shop due to the effects of the nerve gas. Or maybe Potter had been left lying paralyzed on the floor of the basement. He wouldn’t be left for dead because the agent only pulled the trigger of the gas gun once, twice would have meant everyone in the basement {apart for the agent himself} would be dead. If Potter had been left behind {he probably soon wished he hadn’t been} eventually he would have a great deal of explaining to do to Sir Charles Portland. After all he'd not only lost the Colonel/Prisoner, but more importantly of all, Doctor Seltzman. Always assuming that the department run by Sir Charles Portland and The Village are two different entities. The only thing you can be sure of in the case of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ is that you can be sure of nothing!

I'll be seeing you……………..I'm off to get my shoes shined!

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