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Monday, 9 January 2017

Second Film Shoot In Buckingham Place

  I wonder if there was as much fuss made when they filmed Nigel Stock in the role of ‘the Prisoner’ in Buckingham Place, as there was when they filmed Patrick McGoohan in the same role?
   When filming took place for the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner,’ production photographs show people standing about, looking out of doors and windows watching what was taking place from the opposite side of the street. It might be reasonable to suppose that at least some of the same people may well have seen what was going on, having witnessed the original film shoot, but instead of Patrick McGoohan they saw and recognized actor Nigel Stock. They must have wondered what was taking place, possibly asking where is Patrick McGoohan?
   Plenty of production photographs exist of Patrick McGoohan when he was being filmed for the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner.’ But I have never seen any taken of Nigel Stock in the same role when he was being filmed in
Buckingham Place.

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