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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Thought For The Day

   Why the termination order against Number 42, that of Roland Walter Dutton? He was unimportant, even expendable, but he was a prisoner, an inmate, a citizen of The Village. What’s more he had given up all the information he had, there was no need for the doctor-Number 40 to go as far as he had with Dutton. But that termination order, it must have been issued by Number 1, and if not, perhaps it came over that teleprinter! Why the need to have Dutton out of the way?
    When they were in the mortuary together, Number 6 didn’t hand that termination order to Number 2 he dropped the envelope on a shelf below the two large drawers. He didn’t even tell her about it, perhaps thinking that the least said soonest mended. If Number 2 doesn’t know about the termination order she couldn’t have it carried out. But no matter what, one would have expected Number 2 to ask him about the envelope he had in his hand, and want to see what it was. As it is the termination order appears to be of little importance after Number 6 has read it, and the television viewer has seen it on the screen. As for Roland Walter Dutton, the order came too late anyway. Seeing as he was already in a state of living death!

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