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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

A Favourite Scene In Free For All

    I wonder what was going through Number 6’s mind when he left his cottage that morning to assess the madding crowd. What exactly would be wanted of him? How does the election process in The Village work? It must have been difficult for him, in that Mini-Moke listening to the cheers of Number 2’s supporters, which at that time meant everyone. It looked like Number 6 would have an uphill struggle in this election!
   Number 2’s speech, it wasn’t an election speech which one might expect from him, his speech is in Number 6’s favour. He talks about a lack of opposition in the matter of free elections, and this isn’t good for the community, reflecting an acceptance of things as they are. Number 2 knows what they must do, and so do the citizens, because the
Butler tells them, progress, progress, progress! And then Number 2 goes on to introduce a recent recruit to the electorate whose outlook is particularly militant and individualistic. Now why should Number 2 suggest such a man should stand for election against him? Number 6 has a duty to the community and it is hoped he will not deny his duty to the community by refusing to take up the challenge. It is Number 2’s pleasure to introduce to the citizens the one and only Number 6. That “One and only” makes Number 6 unique, possibly designating him a celebrity! Number 6 then goes on to make his own speech…… “I am not a number, I am a person,” ha, ha, ha, ha, laughs the crowd. Number 6 goes on to say he intends to discover who are the prisoners and who the warders {he won’t find that out until much later in the series} and states that he will be running for office in this election. So may the better man win and a big hand  for Number 6……….he wasn’t ready for that was he, when the large ‘Vote for No.6’ was revealed! They knew all the time, that Number 6 would not be able to resist taking this chance afforded to him, in fact they knew it before he did! But by that time it was all too late, and Number 6 is swept along by the electorate’s sudden enthusiasm for him. He must have been wondering what was going on, when he is showered in confetti, and all of a sudden his supporters are chanting “Six, Six, Six, Six, Six, Six,” and they are already wearing black rosettes, when only moments before everybody was wearing white rosettes! The election is rigged, and in Number 6’s favour although he’ll never be allowed to take up the office even if he wins. So what does all this prove? That Number 6 is no less being manipulated than anyone else in The Village!

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