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Monday, 5 March 2018

Alt. Chimes of Big Ben

    This episode has something in common with ‘The Arrival,’ that it’s a so called alternative episode. And yet when we sit down and watch ‘the Prisoner’ as a series we actually watch the alternative ‘Arrival’ and ‘Chimes of Big Ben,’ or the second cut as I prefer to know them.
   This episode can also be tied in with ‘Degree Absolute,’ in that had the latter not been messed about with at the end in order to make that episode the prequel to ‘Fall Out,’ the ‘Degree Absolute’ and ‘Chimes’ could have easily have run consecutively. Then the double challenge between Number 6 and this Number 2 could have been at the heart of the series. But then Number 2 would have remained dead, and not resuscitated and put on trial in ‘Fall Out.’
   Number 6 is a remarkable man, in the way he knew about Ptolemy’s Triquetrum, a man with a classical education, and a knowledge of astronomy!
   Pity they were using the wrong approach with Number 6, it was such an elaborate plan, everything had been taken into consideration. But how is one to take into account the fact that Number 6’s watch would get sea-water in it?

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