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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Free For All

    Illuminati and Freemasonry, is that what this episode is all about? If it is, the only enlightenment Number 6 received is that he’s just as capable of being manipulated as anyone else in The Village! Yes there are certain Freemasonesque visuals, the light or eye in the abstract chair, the members of the town council standing in a circle on rostrums, along with the gavel used by both Number 2-Chairman of the town council, and Number 6 used the gavel in ‘Fall Out’ to bring the members of the Assembly to order. But there is no actual ceremony. Number 6 isn’t brought into the chamber bare breasted, blindfolded and with a halter around his neck. No, Number 6 is merely brought to the council chamber in order to witness the disillusion of the out-going council, that’s all, plain and simple. It’s all part of Number 6 standing as a candidate for electoral office. Patrick McGoohan wasn’t in favour of secret organizations such as Freemasonry, not that it’s all that secret these days. I found a pair of Freemason cufflinks on a stall on the local Antique and bric-a-brac market once, I almost bought them. And once a Freemason demonstrated the secret handshake, after he had given me that handshake to see if I were a Freemason, I’m not. I suppose it could be said that there is a form of ceremony concerning Number 6 in ‘Fall Out,’ that it could be interpreted that as Number 6 has seen the light he achieves the chair of honour, the Throne if you prefer. But no, Patrick McGoohan didn’t care for secret societies, he abhorred cults, which is ironic really for when he was alive he was the honorary president of a society for ‘the Prisoner.’ Strange that after his death a new honorary president had not been selected for that society.
    And yet to draw your attention to that abstract chair in the Council Chamber, which also appears in the boardroom, who is that chair meant for? If Number 2, then I would have expected to see him sitting in it. The Grandmaster of the lodge perhaps! I should have thought it likely it would been meant for Number 1!

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