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Friday, 23 March 2018

The Therapy Zone

    When Number 6 is declared unmutual, the entire community turns against him, no more credit, his telephone is cut off, and there are no more taxis. But when it comes to the entire community turning on Number 6, should that be right? Surely there are other unmutuals. What about Number 93, oh no, he confessed when he was merely disharmonious. There was Number 46, but he had undergone Instant Social Conversion, and so had been made docile. Number 61 showed disharmony when she ignored Number 6’s greeting after he’d left the Town Hall, but she shouldn’t have ignored him, because Number 6 had not been declared unmutual at that time. Number 42, she ignored Number 10’s greeting, her excuse being she was composing poetry at the time. But there can be no excuses, no mitigation we all have a social obligation to stand together, according to the Oriental gentleman of the social group. Number 42 is in a constant state of depression, always in tears. Certainly life in The Village doesn’t suit her, not like our friend Number 6. Mind you 42 soon pulls herself together, and finds herself amongst the ladies of the Sub-appeal Committee, and so soon!
    “Do not sneer at Number Forty-two. To volunteer for social work of this nature requires considerable moral courage.”
    “They are socially conscious citizens and are provoked by the loathsome presence of an unmutual” 42 declares, having once been one herself!
    The point is, there must be other unmutals, people who do not turn against Number 6 because they are also unmutuals, unless of course even unmutuals cannot stand the presence of Number 6! As it is, it gives the impression that Number 6 is the only unmutual, unless he is, because all the others like Number 46, have been brought total peace of mind through Instant Social Conversion!
    Strange how Number 46 stands listening to loudspeakers, but can’t hear anything. It seems 46 is different from unmutuals and other members of the community, not being allowed to listen to public announcements! Well can you hear any other kind of public information announcements in ‘A Change of Mind?’ No, neither can I!

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