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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Village Life!

    “How are you this morning?”
    “A bit fuzzy headed as it happens.”
    “How so?”
    “Well have you ever had the feeling you’ve done it all before?”
    “Déjà vu you mean.”
    “We walk this way every day to the Town Hall.”
    “That’s not déjà vu, its just habit.”
    “Then why don’t we walk to the Town Hall in another direction?”
    “Habit, besides it’s the shortest route.”
    “Why don’t we take the scenic route for a change?”
    “That means getting up earlier in the morning!”
    “See that chap there, walking with the woman.”
    “Probably man and wife.”
    “Yes, but where are they going so early in the morning?”
    “Does it matter?”
    “No, but they go passed at precisely the same time as we turn this corner!”
    “Shall we ask them where they’re going?”
    “It’s none of our business, we’re not guardians!”
    “Should we report them?”
    “What for, walking by at the same time as us?”
    “At precisely the same moment!”
    “You’re becoming paranoid!”
    “Maybe so, but tomorrow at least let me walk on your right.”
    “Whatever for?”
    “A change, that’s all, for a change!”

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