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Thursday, 5 July 2018

In The Village!

    Number 21, who we previously saw as a waitress working at the Café on the morning of Number 6’s arrival is the first person we hear speaking in The Village. During the evenings she works as a housemaid, pictured here in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ having brought Number 6 his nightcap of hot chocolate.
    “Drink it while it’s hot.”
    “What is it?”
    “It’s good for you.”
    “Good for someone.”  
    As it stands Number 6 should not be under any illusions as to what it is, it’s a cup of hot chocolate which is made for him every evening by a housemaid. We have witnessed this on previous occasions in both ‘A B and C,’ and ‘The Schizoid Man.’ So why does Number 6 ask the housemaid “What is it?” However, had ‘Dance of The Dead’ been the second episode in the screening order, as it is in the film library order, then Number 6 would have been “new” in The Village, and the question would then not have been altogether unreasonable! Yes, he does tell the housemaid Number 54 “I’m new here,” but how can that be when by this time ‘Dance of The Dead’ is the 8th episode in the series? One other thing, this housemaid has a curious way of giving The Village salute, mind you Number 6 can be quite casual about it on occasion!

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