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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

In The Village!

    In The Village everyone knows everyone, well that’s not exactly from this series ‘the Prisoner,’ it’s from THEPRIS6NER. But that’s the thing about ‘the Prisoner,’ hardly anyone lasts for more than one episode, even Number 2 lasts for no more than one episodes. There are three constants within the series, Number 6, the Supervisor-Number 26, and of course the Butler. Oh and I was almost forgetting the almost ever presence of a few select citizens, and members of the medical staff, oh yes and Number 66-the ex-Admiral he can be seen in at least two episodes. People like the Rook, the Professor’s widow, Number 14 the ex-Count, the electrician and gardener in ‘Arrival’ we do not see again. And there are those who seem to be extraneous personnel, like the doctor-Number 23, there’s no real need for her, as the previous doctor-Number 40 who would have done just as well in ‘checkmate’ as he did in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ And Number 14 could have done just as well in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ if he hadn’t died in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.” Well I expect he died, although there’s no proof of this. But it was a particularly nasty fall through the French window of 6 Private, and taking the railings of the balcony with him as he fell to the ground below.
   There are a number of dress-a-likes in The Village, I could have sworn that was Number 14 the ex-Count attending one of Madam Professor’s art seminars. It’s difficult to tell as we do not see his face.
   In such a small village one would think to be seeing all the familiar faces all the time, at least in the background, but we do not. So what happens to them, where do they go? Because once seen they are not to be seen in The Village again!

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