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Sunday, 29 July 2018

In The Village!

   The Therapy is a place where you can be an alcoholic in perfect privacy, just as long as you return to The Flock in good time. Well that’s what Number 2 told us. But its a bit strong to believe they allow a chemist to live in the cave like a hermit, brewing his brew while playing with his chalk on numerous formulas. Well that cannot be right, after all when Number 6 returns to the cave in ‘Dance of The Dead {forget the cave’s location} the chemist no loner resides in what is laughing called The Therapy Zone. It’s quite on the cards that the Therapy Zone soon ceased to exist once the drug had been administered to Number 6, and had been returned to his cottage that night. It’s the same with the Cat and Mouse nightclub. There is suddenly is one evening during the election period, and yet there was no sign of it as Number 2 took Number 6 from his cottage to assess the madding crowd, and it’s never seen again!

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