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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

In The Village!

    Number 6 once told Number 2 that he likes his dream, after she had told him that if he continues his dream he may be taken for mad! But Number 6 isn’t mad, at least not according to the doctor’s records, he’s simply suffering from a split personality! He thinks he’s Number 1, he thinks he’s the boss, but really he’s a prisoner just like any other prisoner who needs to be kept tucked away for his own good. After all he is his own worst enemy. But then two 6’s appear in The Village, which is which? One makes a better Number 6 than Number 6! One resolution would be to put one of them in an iron mask, well it’s been done before. But then it was Philippe who donned the mask, while his evil twin ruled France, and then in time the roles were reversed and it was all the better for France. But would such a thing be all the better for The Village? Which 6 to be hidden away in a darkened cell, his face never to be looked on again? But having a split personality isn’t quite the same as having a twin. Number 6 and Number 1 need each other they are all the weaker.

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