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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Quote For The Day

    “I’ve met no-one here who has committed a crime.”
                                {No.50 the Watchmaker – It’s Your Funeral}
    He’s right of course, resigning one’s job isn’t a crime one can chuck up a job anytime one wants to unless a person is a Civil Servant then it gets a little tricky. All Number 6 did was to resign, Nadia said she had resigned but that was a lie. Cobb, I’ve no idea why Cobb had been brought to The Village, unless he was like the Colonel and Fotheringay and actually worked for those masters behind The Village. The Rook had been brought to The Village because he was an electronics engineer who had designed an electrical defence system, who thought every nation should have it. Treasonable thoughts perhaps, but that’s all, thinking about doing it isn’t a crime. Dutton Roland Walter Dutton why had they brought a petty Civil Servant to The Village. He hadn’t committed a crime, he hadn’t even resigned his job, but there he was being experimented on by a doctor who threw his heart and soul into his work, extracting what information he could from Dutton. But Dutton hadn’t had access to the vital information, but by the time the doctor found out it was too late.....for Dutton! The General, the ex-Admiral, an ex-Count, as with so many people in The Village, why are they there, what crimes did they commit if any?

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