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Friday, 27 July 2018

Teabreak Teaser b

    We have been here before, or at least we would have been had it not been for a cock-up on the posting front and it would have been again hence the orange cloured text! Anyway this is a slightly extended stay!
    Not only was Curtis a doppelganger for Number 6, but he would also be a doppelganger for Number 1 {although we didn’t know that at the time} but not until he was given a make-over to look like Number 6. And had things worked out differently, meaning that it was with that in mind, had it really been Curtis who was to leave The Village {not Number 6} would Number 2 have allowed him to leave looking like Number 6? Might Curtis have had to undergo another make-over in order to make him look like himself before departing The Village? And in turn would that not have applied to Number 6 who was impersonating Curtis? After all they couldn’t have Curtis leaving The Village looking like Number 6, could they now?
   “I don’t mind telling you we had to pull every string we could in order to get you seconded back to us,” Number 2’s words suggest Curtis has been in The Village before the events of ‘The Schizoid Man.’ As for leaving The Village, they allowed both the Colonel and Fotheringay to leave. Yes they did also allow Number 6 to leave or escape would be a better word in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ but then 6 was 6 and not his look-a-like! In Curtis’ case it’s perhaps just as well Susan had died a year ago, otherwise there might well have been some embarrassing questions to answer, there might anyway because of Curtis’ death! As for Curtis, had he lived, and being permitted to leave The Village and return to whatever department he worked for, and in his altered appearance, how then would he have explained that to his boss, work colleagues, as well as friends?

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