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Monday, 9 July 2018

Village Life!

    “Tell me again why we’re standing here?”
    “We’re both twits............”
    “Too right, I feel a right twit standing here!”
    “We are observers for TWITS The Western International Treaty Secretariat, we are here to oversee this election.”
    “What, this little tin pot village requires our attendance?”
    “This is the last bastion of democracy in the world!”
    “You are joking?”
    “And we are here to oversee that this election is not corrupted in any way.”
    “Didn’t you read the instructions?”
    “Well, to be perfectly honest, no.”
    “There is a plan to make the whole Earth as The Village.”
    “Where’s the democracy in that when it’s at home?”
    “That’s why we are here.”
    “I thought you said we were going to protect democracy?”
   “We are, but there are those who would try and stop the spread of democracy.”
    “In other words they don’t want the whole Earth as The Village.”
    “Precisely, and as long as these elections go through, then The Village will become the blue print for world order.”
    “A global village will effectively be created. Everywhere just like everywhere else, everywhere just like The Village, little Italianate Villages, self contained units of society all over the world.”
    “All of them trading information with each other, and Speed Learn will cross the globe turning the human race into nothing more than a field of knowledgeable cabbages!”
    “I don’t want to be a cabbage!”
    “Education is a wonderful thing.”
    “Not if it’s going to turn me into a cabbage!”
    “Oh don’t worry it’s not going to happen in our lifetime.”
    “Look out, here come the candidates.”
    “Now the speeches will begin.”
    “Good people of our community.”
    “That’s not right is it?”
    “What isn’t right?”
    “That short fat bloke in the bowler hat showing the electorate what to shout!”
    “There’s recently a lack of opposition in the matter of free elections” “This is not good for our community and reflects an acceptance of things as they are. We know what we must do, what must we do?”
    “Progress progress progress.”
    “See he’s doing it again, he’s showing them what to shout!”
    “That needs reporting.”
    “It’s a flagrant breach of electoral rules.”
    “Mind you, you know what this means.”
    “We’ll have to put a halt to the election, and start the campaign all over again.”
    “More than that, it will create a pile of paper work, and the report will go into hundreds and hundreds of pages, and we’ll have to write it.”
    “What do we do, turn a blind eye?”
    “It’s probably for the best don’t you think, especially since we’re wearing these white rosettes!”
    “Observers of life should never get involved.”
    “Bit late for that don’t you think?!”

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