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Monday, 23 July 2018

Village Life!

    “You’re following me!”
    “Yes, and I’m only the first, you’re a household name you know?”
    “Am I?”  
    “You’re John Drake.”
    “How do you work that out?”
    “Oh don’t be like that, I’ve followed all your adventures working for Security NATO, and British Military Intelligence, M9, you missed the Intelligence out....was that deliberate?”
    “Look lady you must be mad!”
    “Danger Man made you a household name, but now you’ve gone rogue, I like that in a man!”
    “Look lady if you don’t clear off I’ll have you done for harassment!”
    “You wouldn’t do that would you?”
    “Just buzz off!”
    “Tell me what it’s all about, and I’ll go.”
    “Tell you what, what is all about?”
    “Is it like ‘Colony Three,’ you know that time you infiltrated a village for spies somewhere on the Russian Steppes.”
    “Oh, it’s nothing like that.”
    “I expect you’ve got a contact in Section Three who can get you out of here.”
    “Section Three?”
    “You know, Section Three like in ‘Colony Three.”
    “Oh no, nothing like that.”
    “Listen John, when you’re ready to escape I’ll help you.”
    “You, help me to escape?”
    “I’ve often helped others with their plans.”
    “Why are you still here?”
    “Well none of them every succeeded.”
    “That’s a coincidence!”
    “I’d be invaluable to you, at least I could tell you what not to try. But then I expect you’ve already got a foolproof plan.”
    “What makes you think that?”
    “You’re John Drake, Danger Man always finds his way out of a tight spot!”

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