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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Village Life!

    “We’re late!”
    “How do you work that out?”
    “That’s the Colonel just arriving.”
    “What’s he doing here?”
    “He’s been seconded to The Village.”
    “What like that Curtis chappie?”
    “Didn’t you read the report?”
    “Well it was marked “eyes only” Number Two.”
    “What were you doing reading it then?”
    “The file mistakenly passed across my desk.”
    “Doesn’t mean you had to read it.”
    “Well what would you have done?”
    “Passed it back to Number Two…….after having read it first. What did it say?”
    “It was about Rover suffocating this Curtis chappie to death! It was covered up of course.”
    “Well there was the rumour that he looked the spitting image of Number Six!”
    “Sounds like dirty work to me!”
    “Yes, I only hope this Colonel knows what he’s getting himself into!”
    “Perhaps he’ll have a change of mind!”
    “Yes, I’m afraid that’s just what he will have!”

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